I want to address an issue; a very popular, pretty common issue.
A lot of times, I get asked this question “Why are you wearing a sun shade when there’s no sun, or when you are simply in door, going nowhere”? Most times, I give no response. Sometimes I go like how does it affect you, please? But today, I’ll write my response here and refer everyone who asks from this day, 11th April, 2020, henceforth to this very article.

Why I wear sunshade even when there’s no sun:

Before I go on with my response, l would like to clarify a few misconceptions. It is a misconception that each time sunshade is mentioned, what comes to mind is an eye wear. No!
A tree is a sunshade, clothes are sunshade, a face cap is a sunshade, windows and blinds are sunshades… A sunshade is simply anything which has capacity to protect anyone from direct sunlight; even an umbrella is a sunshade. Therefore, sunshade is a very vague noun which shouldn’t be limited to imply just that which you wear over your eyes.

Its another misconception that the only thing eye sunshade does shade your eye from is sun. No! Its job description is far beyond that. In fact, the item has been wrongly named all its life for, appropriately, it should be called an eye shade because that’s simply what it does; it shades the eyes from whatever; sun, light, people, even wind.

Quite a number of people with sore eye, infected eye, bashed eye, funny eyes, attention calling eyes, reddened eye and so on may like to shade their eyes from others regardless of the time of the day or the place they might be. I believe it is not wrong to ask this question from a truly concerned heart. But the manner in which it is asked should express the underlying intent of the one asking. This will in turn determine if you would get a cynical response too, or a respectful one.

So, back to our question, why I wear sunshade even when there’s no sun?
Because it is not the sun I desire to shade. Simple. So… Say something else or…Back off.

Just mind yourself

For further reading: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/photophobia_b_1598668

MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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