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As you may not know, I am Mistigino and I write for Mistiral. I write life stories about people, event, places and things and today, my writing centers on the story of a man named Jide; a zoologist, his fiancée; Ijeoma, and his next door neighbor; Toke.
All my stories are published here; on Mistiral.com, and videos are on YouTube at Mistiral_tv.
I write about things you many never come across in person but, at least, my joy is in bringing them to your consciousness that they existed or exist.
Back to my story of the day:

Jide is a well-to-do young man whose age should be dangling around 30, a little less or more. He is a zoologist living in Lagos as a bachelor. However, Jide is not single. In fact, he is very much in love and engaged to a fair complexioned plumpy beautiful Ibo young lady named Ijeoma. To Jide, Ijeoma is the perfect woman every man longs for except for one thing; her hefty size.

Jide loved the skinny curvy girls with raised breasts and c-curved asses. The kinds that would walk past and stamp an impression on every human with appraising eyes, male and female inclusive. Fortunately for Jide, this is the exact description of his next door neighbor, Toke, and ironically, his fiancee, to whom he’s to be wedded in the nearest, is on the other side of the coin.

So, on a faithful day, Jide thought up a plan hinged upon getting the love of his life, Ijeoma, into the shape of his dreams. He called this fantastic shape SIZE 12 and wagered the procession of their wedding plans upon how soon Ijeoma reached it.

He would call Ijeoma all sorts of dehumanizing names that referred accurately, sadly, to Ijeoma’s physicality. Names such as Hippopotamus, Elephant, Amoeba were not far from his tongue and grammatical usage such as spreading all over the place was how he referred to Ijeoma, his one true love.

Next door, however, is the woman whose shape Jide admired and loved so much. However, his heart completely belonged to I-jay, as he occasionally but fondly called Ijeoma, his fiancee. He was unable to see any other woman affectionately which was utterly annoying and painful for his next door neighbor, Toke.

Toke seized every opportunity to flaunt her sexiness, her well elevated and protruding heavy back side, her long legs and her amazing figure eight, all to catch the affection of Jide. Because, silently, Toke had been in love with Jide since the time Jide moved into their estate about ten months prior to now. Toke’s heart had been broken several times by guys and Toke just got fed up with love and got tired of trying.
However, with Jide, she couldn’t phantom what it was about him. Upon first sight, Jide melted all her fears away.
However, there was an obstacle in the way of her getting into Jide’s heart. And this obstacle was none other but the fat shapeless Ijeoma. So ironical isn’t it?

With the commencement of wedding plans dependent on Ijeoma’s quickness in attaining the almighty Size 12, Ijeoma hit the gym and set the pace running. However, her motivation dimmed just after a few days; mainly because of the way others at the gym made fun of her and gestured towards her whenever she attempted whichever program. This geered her to opt for a private gym instructor named Handsome.

So, she took Handsome home to Jide’s place, for Jide’s approval and settlement of bills. When they walked into Jide’s home, he looked in astonishment and bewilderment as to the comprehension of what the young dark and built man was doing with his fiance and in his home.

With his lost-fullness written all over his face, Ijeoma was quick to introduce the gentleman as the private gym instructor she is aspiring to hire.
Jide, out of his own insecurities and jealousy, dismissed the idea of having such man train his fiance privately. He rather opted to search for a professional who’s a well acclaimed dietitian for Ijeoma, laying emphasis on what Ijeoma needed to be dieting not gyming.
Ijeoma, loving her fiancé dearly, obliged and submitted to all his recommendations and directions. In the background however, her motivation remained strongly fueled by Toke’s moves because Toke was actively relentlessness in her desire to make Jide fall in love with her. Nevertheless, Jide keeps rubbing it all on her face.

Finally, Jide found an expert dietician; Mr Micheal, who has had several success stories to his methods. He referred Ijeoma to this man and on their very first appointment, Ijeoma felt she’s found the right place to achieve her husband-to-be’s perfect body target.

But along the line, things got twisted and took a different turn.
Jide would eventually become a desperate psychopath and stalker who started out on a different mission to kill or get killed.

Dr. Micheal started to heal Ijeoma in ways which lifted Ijeoma’s spirit and self esteem but conversely threw Jide into a well of serious confusion.

Essentially, this story is centered upon how you may never appreciate what you have until you loose it. It also sheds some light on communication by expressing that what you say to people, as well as how you say it, matters a lot. Because ultimately, both Jide and Dr Micheal wanted thesame thing. Just that Dr. Michael used kind and supportive methods while Jide used harsh and condescending methods.

This story is beautifully played out in a Nigerian 2019 movie titled SIZE 12. The casts did a wonderful job in acting out the story characters. A special shout out to Chioma Nwosu and Uzor Arukwe who played Ijeoma and Jide respectively. Kudos to Eddie Watson Jr. and Mary Lazarus as well, as they equally did justice to the roles of Micheal and Toke respectively.
To see what played out in this story and what eventually happened, see the movie SIZE 12, written and produced by Mary Lazarus herself… What a talent.

Below are some really nice scenes from the movie

Once again, it’s Mistigino writing for Mistiral.com. And thanks again for reading one of my amazing life stories. Say no to body shaming, say no to unhealthy feeding, say yes to politeness, say yes to being supportive.
Until my next story, enjoy!

MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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