Miss Quadri Aishat Adeola
Quadri Aishat Adeola

Quadri Aishat Adeola was born on 5th May 1996 at the general hospital now referred to as Lautech teaching hospital, Osogbo. She was born to the families of Mr Adelagun of the Ibori-Aran royal family, Idewon compound- Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State and that of Mrs. Saidat of Jagbegun compound, Modakeke, Osun State. She’s the first child of the family and she has only one sibling; a younger sister.

Early Life and Education

She started her formal education at Royal Heritage International School- Osogbo as a kindergarten after which she proceeded to St. Clares Nursery and Primary School where she studied from nursery one to primary five. Following the completion of her elementary education, she moved on to Our Lady and St. Francis Catholic College Osogbo, popularly called O.S.C.C.O for her secondary education. It was at this school she did all the six years of her secondary schooling.

While in Primary School, she was a member of their literary and debate association. In secondary school however, she was not really involved with any other thing asides academics.

Teenage and Youthful Life

Adolescent was tough on Quadri Aishat. She found it tough to adjust to most of the drastic changes her body and her environment experienced at the time. This would go on to take all the fun away from her teenage years.

In the year 2012, the year in which she graduated from secondary School, Quadri Aisha’ wrote her first Joint Admission Matriculation Board’s Exams- JAMB. Sadly, she didn’t meet the cutoff mark for the course she desired; Pharmacy. She had learned about the course through a friend she saw filling her own JAMB form. The friend, at the time, filled in Pharmacy as her own course choice. This triggered Aisha to make further inquiries regarding the course Pharmacy. Her sources included JAMB brochure, the internet and some other people that she told about it.

Later that same year, after JAMB had failed her, rather than sit and wait at home, she decided to try out other options. This led her into applying for OAU Pre-Degree program in which she enrolled and passed well. As a result, after a year doing pre-degree, she gained admission to study the course she wanted- Pharmacy, at the school of her choice, OAU. However, she would not resume to year one until eleven months after.
She gained admission at a time during which the Academic of Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, was at logger heads with the then government of Nigeria under the leadership of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Inability to come to agreeable terms culminated into an eleven months of strike action which halted academic processions in all Federal Universities.
While waiting to resume however, Miss Quadri Aisha’, rather than stay home doing nothing, enrolled for ICAN and started writing its exams. But her ICAN study was cut short when she had to resume after the ASUU strike was called off.

On 2nd June, 2014, Quadri Aishat Adeola resumed officially as a year one Pharmacy student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. Her admission was on merit and she had resolved to graduate as a Pharmacist no matter what it took. Things she had heard about OAUIFE Pharmacy School from those before her was not as encouraging, nevertheless, Aisha’ would remain unshaken with her resolve even though she encountered periods of challenges along the line, after all, you can’t expect to walk through fire without getting burnt.

Despite entering the University with the sole mentality that she was in school to get her degree and nothing else, she ironically joined all the extracurricular associations she belonged to as an undergraduate in her very first year in school.

Hence, Aishat was, and is, member to:
1. Drugfree club
2. IQ niche

4. JCI

In addition, her undergraduate life hasn’t been short of taking on responsibilities as she has been of service in the following capacities:

200 level, 2014/2015; member of audit committee, PANS OAU.
300 level, 2015/2016; a honorable member of the Pharmacy Students Representatives Council, PSRC, OAU.
300 level, 2016/2017; Welfare Secretary, Drugfree Club, OAU.
300 level, 2016/2017; member of welfare, publicity and accommodation committee for PANS National Convention, Synergy 2017.
400 level, 2017/2018; Treasurer, Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students, OAU chapter.
400 level, 2017/2018; member of welfare committee for Pharmaceutical Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, PMSSN, OAU.
500 level, 2018/2019; Vice President, Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students, OAU chapter.

She also attended some national conferences, some which includes:

  1. PMSSN convention in UDUS, Caliphate 2016
  2. PANS convention in OAU, Synergy 2017
  3. PMSSN convention in OAU, Unification 2018
  4. PANS convention in OOU, Echo 2018
  5. PSN conference Oluyole, Ibadan, 2018
  6. PANS convention in UDUS, Harmony 2019

In 2019, Quadri Aishat Adeola worked on sickle cell anemia under the supervision of Dr. Cyril Olutayo of the Department of Drug Research and Production Unit, Faculty of Pharmacy, OAU Ife. She was motivated to take on this project following the loss a friend dear to her to this very condition sometime in 2018. Ever since then, she has been a strong voice in various educational and awareness program organized towards eradicating the ignorance of blood genotype which usually is the leading cause for bringing such babies into the world. In addition, she’s also a strong advocate for the provision of better health care system by our government. A provision which would help enhance the quality of life and the spern in general for its citizens living with such condition.

On 17th March, 2020, Miss Quadri Aishat Adeola became inducted officially into the Pharmacy profession.

Personal Life

Quadri Aishat has lived in Oshogbo all her life and still lives in Oshogbo. She grew up in a middle-class family and had the normal happy life of a young child growing up. Her adolescent life, however, was laden with distraught and confusion; confusion about who she was and who she was not, what she was to be and what she was to be not. Her dad was a business man and mother was a trader, so basically, she lived one third of her teenage life at home, in school, and in the market respectively. The cause of her confusion was due to the separate lives she was caught in; between the school she went to and the home she lived in. She attended a school of the elites in the community; of the rich and affluent, and after school, she’s in the market helping out with her mother’s trade. Occasionally, her school mates would run into her in the market and cast a condescending look upon her. This, coupled with the drastic change in her body physique and feminine bosoms in this time of her life all together plummeted her from the very height of joyful childhood into a dip of living her adolescent years mostly in her head.

But she went on to reform herself into a mature and social youth with so much esteem and so much to give.

She sees no one in particular as a role model. However, she takes her life lessons from reading; reading various books with the following themes: politics, history, biographies of great people, but political books mostly.

She has had some life defining moments that made her weak initially but only to have her become stronger as a person. This includes the one time she had to repeat a class in Pharmacy School and the time she lost her dear friend to sickle cell anemia. The failure helped her realize early that failure was part of winning and the loss of her friend made her see life in another dimension.

Her life aspirations stem from the meaning of her name Aishah which means ‘Living’. Hence, she strives to live a life and not just to be alive.

She follows the happenings around her both national and international. And her life’s philosophy is:

If you want something, go for it.
If it’s yours, you will definitely get it.
If you don’t, it was never meant to be.

Contact Quadri Aishat Adeola at any of the following:
Instagram: @aishahdeola
Facebook:@Quadri Aishat
Twitter: @pharmaishah
Gmail: @pharmaishahdeola@gmail.com
Contact number: +234-813-497-7357


Quadri Aishat Adeola.

MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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