Princess Ruth Aderonke Mogbonjubola AWOLOLA

Princess Ruth Aderonke Mogbonjubola Awolola was born on 18th September, 1931, at the United Missionary society (U.M.S) mission in Mokwa, now Niger State of Nigeria to the family of Rev. John Adesokan Amori and Princess Sarah Adedoja Amori. Her father was from Gbogbolomo’s house, Apara, Oyo, while her mother was from Kaa Omo-Oba Loogun compound, Oyo.


Her early childhood was beautiful as she was born into an educated family. Her early formal education was given by her father who taught her all the primary school subjects in addition to lessons on how to read and write in Nupe, Yoruba and English. Unfortunately, while she was thirteen, she lost her father and the duty of her parenthood was left alone for only her mother to carry. Single-handedly, madam Sarah Adedoja Amori raised little Mogbonjubola from then on, along with her three other siblings in persons of:

  1. Mr Adépọ̀jù Ọmọ́tọ̀shọ́ Àmọ̀rí
  2. Mrs. Elizabeth Adébísí Ògúndélé
  3. Deacon Sunday Ayọ̀adé Àmọ̀rí


She attended Baptist Day School, Isokun, Oyo, N.A Durbar Modern School, Osun Divisional Teacher Training College Ejigbo, and St. Andrew Teacher’s Training College, Oyo.


She was a civil servant until her retirement in 1989, as a principal/headmistress. She worked as a teacher in various schools and her students describe her as a good teacher; very warm, patient, enthusiastic and had a very good student-teacher relationship with her. It is said that she sometimes waited behind after school hours just to assist the slow to learn students with subjects which they found extra difficult to understand.
Following her retirement, she was appointed as a supervisory Counselor for Education in Oyo West Local Government; a position she held until 1999.


Madam Ruth Aderonke Awolola was born and raised by a business woman, therefore, it’s of no surprise that even she was no short of doing business as well. As a very industrious woman, she operated a wholesale provision store and served as a big distributor for Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Nigeria. She supplied food stuffs and provisions to most of the Schools in Oyo and also, at some point, ventured into the then-lucrative business of kolanut and bitter kola, in collaboration with her younger sister, Madam Elizabeth Adebisi Ogundele.


Madam Ruth Aderonke Awolola was a devout Christian who served and worshiped with First Baptist Church, Isokun, Oyo. She was well known for housing and caring for Reverends and Pastors who came for revival program at the Church. As an active member of the church, she held many positions some of which are:
1. Director of Sunbeams Children Ministry, for many years.
2. Treasurer of WWU
3. Treasurer of Egbe Ore-Ofe African Evangelical Baptist Church, Grand Prairie, Texas, USA.

She also belonged to quite a number of church associations. Some are:
1. Member of church adult choir
2. Member of Christian Sisters
3. Member of Historical Committee of First Baptist Church, Isokun, Oyo.
4. Member of YMCA, Nigeria
5. Life member of Bible Society of Nigeria
6. Member of Ola Society
7. Member of Egbe Ore-Ofe African Evangelicall Baptist Church, Grand Prairie, Texas
8. Member of Egbe Omo-Oyo.


She married the love of her life, Deacon Moses Ayoola Awolola on 29th May, 1952, and their marriage was blessed with five children namely (in descending order of births):

  1. Mr. Sunday Awótúndé Awolọlá
  2. Mrs. Fọláshadé Ọmọ́bónìkẹ́ Awóyẹmí
  3. Pastor Dr. Kọ́láwọlé Ayọ̀ọ́dèjì Awolọlá
  4. Mrs. Ọlábísí Òjó
  5. Mrs. Ọlárìnre Abọ́sẹ̀dé Àjàyí.


Died 4th January 2019

She died peacefully on 4th January, 2019, in the early hours of Friday, after battling and living with Parkinson’s disease for around four to five years.

She Is survived by:

Siblings: Mrs. Elizabeth Adébísí Ògúndélé and Deacon Sunday Ayọ̀adé Àmọ̀rí.

Husband: Deacon Moses Ayoola Awolola

Children: Mr. Sunday Awótúndé Awolọlá; Mrs. Fọláshadé Ọmọ́bónìkẹ́ Awóyẹmí; Pastor Dr. Kọ́láwọlé Ayọ̀ọ́dèjì Awolọlá; Mrs. Ọlábísí Òjó; Mrs. Ọlárìnre Abọ́sẹ̀dé Àjàyí.

Grand and great grandchildren:

More information about Madam Ruth Aderonke can be obtained in her home where she lived off New Iseke Layout, Akeetan Titun, Oyo Town, Oyo State.

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Mr. ‘Tunde Awolọlá and siblings.

MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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