Pa Gabriel Ajibade Ogundele was born around 1927 to the families of Ogundele of Baasi compound Iseke, Oyo and that of Okunade of Ilogbo- Akeetan, Oyo. His father, Raji Ogunsola, died when he was about three or four years old. However, his mother, Ojekemi Ogundele lived and died to see him become a grandfather of many children. Ojekemi died at a very ripe age after living a hundred and four years in good health. When Pa G.A Ogundele grew up, he had to collect information on how the father looked like from elderly people. However, he was a lucky chap. He was very lucky that his uncle, Chief Situ Barber Ogundele, took him up.

Chief Situ Barber Ogundele was a very famous man in the society and immensely kind-hearted. Chief Situ had no education. Despite this, he moved, worked and played with educated people. As a barber, the first in Oyo, he used to cut hair for all government officials both white and black, in Oyo. He also cut hair for notable people like Aremo Gbadegesin and Rev. J. Ade Taiwo. During all these times, Pa G.A. Ogundele (as a young boy) used to go round with him, helping to carry his box. After sometime, his uncle decided to send him to school. He sent him and Oyelowo Aborode to school the same day. Oyelowo Aborode was son to Chief Situ Barber’s sister- Aina who married at Onalemole compound Oyo. During this time, it was a norm to register pupils in their guardian’s name. Hence, Pa. G.A., instead of being registered as Ogunsola; his biological father’s name, got registered as Ogundele; his uncle; Chief Situ Baber’s name. From then on, Pa. G.A. would be forever known as Pa. G.A. Ogundele and that was how he began his journey through formal education


Pa G.A Ogundele started his formal education in 1936, at N.A. Town School, Idiope, Oyo. He then moved to Durbar school Oyo in 1940 where he completed his primary education in December 1944. His classmates included Late Chief J.B. Oluokun, Late Dr. Phillip Adedeji – the Adelodun of Isale Oyo, Moses Oyekola Ajibi and Dejo Ige – both of Ilora, Alhaji Ahmuda Sanni of Iseyin and Alhaji Busasri who was the Local Government Chairman – Iseyin. Pa G.A. Ogundele was offered scholarship for his standard V and VI education. It was a full scholarship (tuition and boarding). He got the scholarship along with J.B. Oluokun and they lived together at Durbar school Oyo, which had boarding facilities during their time.

In 1945, he worked briefly as a bar man and later in the year, as a barber. He used to be a good barber at Akesan motor park.

In 1946, he became a teacher at Baptist High School, Iwere-Ile, where he taught for two years; 1946 and 1947.

In 1948, he joined the N.A Schools where he started his primary education- N.A. town school, Idiope, Oyo. He remained in this school for four years (1948 – 1951) under Late Mr. G.H. Fareo who had taught him at Durbar School, Oyo. He remained so long as a pupil teacher because he wanted to become a court clerk or forestry guard which were the popular and lucrative jobs at the time. He did not like teaching.

However, in 1952, he gained admission into the famous government Teacher Training College, Ibadan where he obtained the teacher’s Grade III certificate in December 1953. He was sponsored by Oyo N.A. Some of his classmates during this time include Chief S.A. Farinu, Late Ayo Alabi, Late Wahabi Adedotun and deacon S.A. Oyedemi of Okeho.

Then in 1954, he was posted to N.A. school, Ikoyi where he spent just a year.

Following this, he was posted to New Durbar School, Oyo (Akinmonrin road) in 1955. He was the first headmaster of the school. That year, he passed the GCE qualifying test. This was a great achievement for a grade III teacher in those days.

In 1956, he gained admission to Wesley College together with Chief S.A. Farinu for the Grade II certificate. Again, he was sponsored by Oyo N.A.

Then in November 1957, while still in school, he married his loving wife, the only one he ever had, Adebisi Elizabeth of Amori family. It was around this same time that he had his first child- Ogundele John Adedayo.

After his course at Wesley College Ibadan, he was posted to L.A. Secondary Modern School Fiditi, Oyo in January 1958.

He got his grade II result passed creditably. In addition, he passed the GCE exam the same year because he had put in for the GCE exam as a student. He was rated as a grade II.A teacher because his GCE result included English language.

In 1959, he was then transferred to L.A. Secondary Modern School, Durbar, Oyo, where he also spent only one year. In 1960, the L.A.T.T.C. Oyo made L.A. School, Bola Oyo, the practicing school. He also taught History in the college for some time in the evenings.

In his efforts to further his education, he gained admission to U.C.I – University College Ibadan (now U.I.) in September 1960 for the Associateship Diploma in education. It was only U.C.I. that offered the course at that time. His course mates included Hausas and Ibos. He was sponsored by Ondo/Oyo Joint Provincial Grade II College, Ile-Ife, where he served from June 1961 to December 1963.

Pa G.A. Ogundele had sponsored education from standard V in the primary school (Durbar) to the University level. (Glory be to God).

In 1964, he moved to St. Agnes’ Teacher Training College, Maryland, Ikeja- Lagos where he taught until September 1967. He left Maryland when the called was to be merged with St. Leo’s College, Abeokuta. He chose to remain in Lagos however. He taught briefly at the Lagos City council schools Obele Odan, Surulere and at Gbobi up to April 1968 when he joined the Western State Civil service as Assistant Inspector of Education.

While in Lagos, he made efforts to travel overseas and at the same time attended extra classes where he obtained diploma in Book-Keeping and Accounting (London School of Commerce) and the corporation of Secretaries final part before pulling out of Lagos.

As an Assistant Inspector of Education, he served in the following places:

  1. Ile-Ife: 1968 – 1969
  2. Ikire: 1969 – 1971
  3. Ogbomoso: 1972 (Jan – Dec)
  4. Okitipupa: 1973 – April 1976
  5. Iwo: April 1976 – November 1976
  6. Ilesa: November 1976 – June 1978
  7. Eruwa: June – August 1978 (Secretary)
  8. Saki: 1978 – September 1979 (Secretary)
  9. Ibadan: October 1979 – May 1984 (Secretary)

He was secretary Ibadan Municipal Schools Board from October 1979 to May 1984.

He retired as Chief Assistant Inspector of Education. Immediately after his retirement, he was appointed Chairman for Oyo South Divisional Schools Board where he served for three years. The area included Oyo, Afijio, Ikoyi and Iseyin schools.

Farming for pensioners was very popular at this time. He joined them and had his farm at Iya-beji, Iseyin Road

He had a bookshop at his residence at No. 6 New Iseke Layout, Oyo – Soladele Bookshop, which functioned into the nineties.


church service
church work

Pa G.A. Ogundele was baptized by

  1. Late Rev. J. Ade. Taiwo in 1948.
  2. He was a member of the church choir from 1948 – 1951.
  3. He was a convention delegate to Ijaye Baptist Church, Abeokuta in 1959. He lodged together with Late J.A. Adeniran from Zaria and Late E.O. Morakinyo from Potiscum.
  4. Member of the church Executive committee from 1985 – 2005
  5. Class chairman for many years.
  6. Chairman of the vehicle committee that bought the first church bus in 1986
  7. Travelled to Lome- Togo with Pastor Oyekan to look for a church bus but later bought it with late Mr. Tunde Adesina at Leventis stores Ibadan for about #46,000.00. air ticket to Togo was then #80.00 (to and fro).
  8. He was first Chairman for vehicle committee. He left office when he became church Treasurer (1990-1992) and re-appointed when he relinquished the post of the Treasurer.
  9. Treasurer- M.MU.
  10. Represented the church at Eka Isokun meetings.
  11. Was member and treasurer of Education Committee.


  1. He was in politics briefly. During the SDP era, he was vice chairman for Oyo Local Government Chairman in person of Chief S.M. Akindele.
  2. He was the first secretary for New Iseke Layout. He handed over to late Mr. J.A. Adeniran when he left Oyo for further studies.
  3. He was a member of Atiba movement Oyo.
  4. He was a member of the Action Committee that fought for the creation of Oyo West Local Government.
  5. He was a prominent member of several associations and social clubs.


N.A – Native Authority

L.A – Local Authority

Pa G.A. Ogundele’s Family Life:

He married and had five children:

  1. Wife – Ogundele Elizabeth Adebisi (fondly called Iya Dayo), married in 1957.
  2. Son – Adedayo John Ogundele born November 14, 1957. Married Florence Adejoke of Adeyemi Family – Ogbomosho in 1983.
  3. Son – Ayodeji Joshua Ogundele born June 23, 1960. Married Ayobami Olapeju of Ojeniyi family – Isokun, Oyo in September 1987.
  4. Son – Ayotunde David Ogundele born May 18, 1965. Married Mortunrayo Asiata of Ayilara family – Ibadan, Oyo in April 1998.
  5. Daughter – Folake Regina Adegite born August 18, 1968. Married Adegite Olurotimi Segun from Ogbon Ado house, Ekiti, in December 1998.
  6. Daughter – Abimbola Oluokun Adepeju, born April 7, 1973. Married Adekunle Sunday Oluokun of Isale Agbala-Oyo in March 1999.

He was the Baasi of Iseke-Oyo from 2011 to 2019. He became the Baasi upon the demise of his dear brother Late Chief J.O Ogunmola who was the previous holder of the title. The Baasi of Iseke title unlike other chieftaincy titles in Iseke-Oyo is non-rotational and traditionally goes to the eldest in the extended family.

He had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Meanwhile, he was a family man. Always in the frame of family events and advancements.


Here is the death bed and room of Pa G.A. Ogundele

As was told by those with him during the time of his death; Ogundele Marley Kolade along with one of his friends, Mr. Segun Oladokun:

Pa. G.A Ogundele was having his breakfast, a meal of pap and moinmoin prepared by Iya Dayo, after a normal morning routine of praying, cleaning up and changing clothes which according to them, went smoothly and jovial, when he breathed his last breath on August 7, 2019 at about 11 am. A male family nurse living in the neighborhood in person of Mr. Adedayo Akintola was then summoned immediately to confirm if indeed, the Chief was dead. Upon the nurse’s arrival however, he sadly pronounced the great man; Chief Gabriel Ajibade Ogundele dead. He had long battled with his walking after he fell and broke his hipbone in December 2011 in his home at New Iseke Layout Oyo.

He is survived by:

  1. Siblings: Salami Alimi, Salami Karimu, Akinpelu Titilayo, Aiyegoro Modupe
  2. Wife: Ogundele Adebisi Elizabeth   
  3. Children: Ogundele John Adedayo and wife; Ogundele Florence Adejoke, Ogundele Joshua Ayodeji and wife; Ogundele Ayobami Olapeju, Ogundele David Ayotunde and wife; Ogundele Motunrayo Asiata, Adegite Regina Folake and husband; Adegite Rotimi, Oluokun Abimbola Adepeju and husband; Oluokun Adekunle Sunday.
  4. Grandchildren: Ogundele Sydney Adewale and wife; Ogundele Sefiyat Oyepeju, Ogundele Kingsley Owoyemi and wife; Ogundele Julianne Oluwatoyin, Oyeniran Stella Titilope and husband; Oyeniran Oluwashina Akinloye, Ogundele Marley Kolade, Ogundele Collins Ayodeji, Ogundele Alex Diekade, Ogundele Rita Adebisi, Ogundele George Oluwadamilola, Ogundele Stanley Oluwatobiloba, Ogundele Winnie Fiponmile Ayobunmi, Ogundele Jennifer Omosalewa Omodasola, Ogundele Ernest Ayokunnu, Oluokun Lewis Adeyinka, Ogundele Sandra Adedoja, Ogundele Jessica Eniola, Oluokun Hillary Oluwafemi, Adegite Lesley Oluwatumininu, Ogundele Victoria Olubusola, Oluokun Juliet Oluwasegun, Adegite Favour Temidayo, Ogundele Frank Busola,
  5. Great-grandchildren: Ogundele Goodluck Adewumi, Ogundele Stephanie Oluwatomi, Oyeniran Nelson Akinloye, Ogundele Clinton Ayodeji, Ogundele Isabella Oluwatooni, Oyeniran Mikel Akintoye, Ogundele Flora Ireoluwa.

Pa G.A.O’s Memorial ground at the backyard in his compound off New Iseke Layout, Oyo Town, Oyo State

Memorial burial ground of late 13th Baasi of Iseke, Oyo.
Pa. G.A. Ogundele’s memorial ground

Wake Keep in Pictures

Funeral Service in Pictures

Burial Ceremony in Pictures

Photo Memories of Pa G.A. Ogundele

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Comments (17)

  1. mistigino


    Grandpaa, `Baami’, to me, you’ll live forever. The news of your passing troubled my feelings at the instant for a little while until I convinced myself that, on the other hand, your soul is finally resting. This thought began to feel good, so I held unto it, hoping it would keep me from crying; the news was like a fast running vehicle approaching me, I didn’t want it to hit me. I cheered my fellow GAO brothers and sisters on with my own formula as they couldn’t hold their own tears in. I became their consoler, never heard or seen any of my siblings cry so childishly in a very long time. When it would finally hit me; just a few hours after, no one could console me… I cried my brains out. I’m still inconsolable even as I pen this, all your love and wise words keeps coming to my mind and I cry because I know I hadn’t obeyed most of it; you loved and adored me too much to deserve this. I flaunted one thing at a time rule and I still flaunt the don’t leave till tomorrow wisdom. You were so conscious with every action and disciplined in every endeavour (he programs everything and sticks to the plan). You were a man of integrity and good heart. Your wisdom is so magnanimous, even in your prayers;
    Ó láyò
    Oluwa a wa pelu e
    Ki Oluwa pese fun o, and I so much like your own versions of Ore-ofe Kristi Oluwa wa.
    Your death is a remarkable point in my life, because it made me reflect remorsefully. But now, I’m full of joy as in you, I’ve found a new unquenchable light of inspiration. I was only a part of you, but now, you will become a part of me. Everything I will become will be founded on your main sayings and I will ensure your name and legacy lives on forever. Long live my grandpa. Everything you were and were not would never be forgotten in history. Gabriel Ajibade Ogundele (G.A.O) lives on.

    Your most lovable grandson, Ogundele Oluwadamilola George.

  2. Alex Diekolade Ogundele


    Baami, my darling Grandpa. The great Iroko towering above, visible amongst and silently inescapable. Your humility, sagacity and kind heartedness is outstanding and meritorious. Out of the odds, you emerged a corner stone. Your life is indeed admirable in several ways.

    Baami, you learnt, you worked , you loved. It is not unexpected that you flourished. You were a good man.

    How does one judge a man who has only shown one love? My memories of you are that of love, wisdom, strength and integrity.

    I will keep my eyes fixated on the good path you have showed, I will live my life in knowledge of the burden reposed in me – to carry the name you have made with pride and self assurance and refrain from all such acts that may bring disrepute or disrespect to the memories of your existence.
    I will work my best, I will love unscared, I will never lose faith in God and I will keep my family and friends closest to my heart. After all, in the end, family is all that counts.

    Your wise words will never depart from my heart
    – One thing at a time and that done well, is a very good rule that many can tell
    – Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well
    – Never leave until tomorrow, what can be done today
    – Tete jaye koo ma baa jepe, ma tete jaye koo le bar jepe
    – Yara gboro, lora fesi

    You were a man of few words but whenever you speak, you inspire. How I wish I had more chats with you on life and all its mysteries. On your sojourns and all your stories. On love and all its complications. On our history and its implications.
    Meanwhile, I find solace in the knowledge and possession of some of your accounts. Indeed, I find myself privileged to have been the one to sort all your stuffs. Less of talk, more of words.

    No one is perfect Grandpa, but the challenge for me is to improve on your person or at the very least, match it. So help me God.

    Good bye my Grandfather, if you still exist, keep paving way for us. I am inconsolable. If you still exist, we shall meet again.
    I love you and will never forget you. Rest in peace.

    Alex Diekolade Ogundele – Your dearest grandson. (Grandpa will always say Die ko, pupo ni)

  3. Delight


    Met him twice and it was a pleasure…. Reading through this, I feel exited I got to meet him at least even though I never really had a relationship with him.
    Good job Mistigee 😘



    ‘Baami’ can never be forgotten. I remember his person all the time and I am grateful to have an origin in him. Growing up was fun and full of worth. Baami invested in me in all my years with him. He taught me to be brave, focused, selfless, prayerful, and most importantly up to date with current affairs: listening to the news and reading newspapers. All through my secondary and post-secondary education, he never failed to be a good grandpa; always giving ‘pocket money’ that was bigger than the pocket. He was that caring to everyone. Growing up, meal times were interesting as Baami would never finish his portion of food and everyone would be hanging around just to pack up his plates after him. What a great disciplinarian he was. He did not fail to correct all of us whenever we went wrong and that shaped who we have become today. Baami, you lived a fulfilled life. You showed the good example of fatherhood and I am trailing those steps. I remember all you have done for me and I am grateful to have my root in you. I am glad you are resting in glory but also cry because I will not see you here nor hear your voice again. Enjoy your rest in the arms of the angels

    • Alex Diekolade Ogundele


      I read your tribute with smiles… well written. At a time, I went to meet Granpa that when he finish eating, it is me he should call. Ofcourse he did and I was the envy of everyone 😊. We are all grateful to him. RIP

      • Ogundele Collins Ayodeji


        Lol, but on the other hand, grandpa would have called you or Anu even without you going to tell him secretly to call you after eating. He knows you guys were the youngest. Me, Marko, Kingso and Morro only stay alert just in case he didn’t call anybody as we all know most time that he wouldn’t call anybody but he just covers the remaining food there for us. However, you outsmarted all of us the moment you started going to tell grandpa to call you to come pack the remaining food, because grandpa wouldn’t see it as ur greedy plan for all of us to be at your mercy for the food, me especially. Grandpa will be like this boy loves me and is showing it, he wants to be packing these plates and even reminds me, lol. Not knowing you’re scamming all of us. It was fun anyway because everyone always has a plan for his food leftovers because he will always leave a good portion.

  5. Stella Oyeniran (nee Ogundele)


    Tribute To G.A.O.

    ‘Baami’ was a unique person. He was a kind and gentle man that I loved dearly. He was not only a grandfather but also a friend.

    I do not know where I would be today if it had not been for my grandfather’s love, discipline and guidance. He set a Christian example for us and gave me some of the important values that I have today. He always call me ‘Iyawo’ and ‘Iya Iwo’.

    Infact, all the remaining yards of his ankara were given to me to make small gowns and we always put on the ‘ankoo’ then. Distance and fate caused a lot in my closeness with you Baami, you know that i truly love you, maybe because i am your first granddaughter. You are my hero.

    Rest on Baami.

  6. Reply

    I know we are all missing Baami
    That is, we’ve lost our Grandpa, our friend and our dad.
    But Grandpa would want us to know that he’s in a good place
    And that he’s watching us all with a smile on his face,
    As we have made him so proud, as proud as he can be
    That he has raised such a beautiful and special family.

    Thinking back now, I really must say
    I feel lucky and privileged to have known Grandpa.
    For in my life, you have played a special part.
    The memories I will treasure and keep close to my heart.

    For me, I am glad my little boys he got to meet.
    And for all of us, be grateful, his life is now complete.
    To each one of us he has loved and cared.
    As a family, be thankful for the good times we shared.

    Although he has gone, we will always be together,
    And his spirit will live on in each one of us forever.
    When you look to the sky, look for the brightest star,
    As that will be Grandpa looking down on us from afar.

    And now I would like to thank the good Lord above
    For blessing us with Baami, with his kindness and love.
    Dear God, if it is not too much fuss,
    Take extra special care of our Grandpa, for he is very dear to us.

    Baami, if you are listening, say a prayer for us every day.
    Be sure to protect us and guide us in all our ways.
    We know that when God called you, you had to go,
    But we want you to know, Baami, we miss you and love you so.

  7. Ogundele Collins Ayodeji


    My loving gentle Grandpa, to God be the glory for the good life you lived. Your death pained me so much. Though you were battling with your legs and to walk all these years, I always believed you wouldn’t leave us anytime soon because I believed in your strength so much. Your death was in fact a shocker to me; I shouted when Marko broke the news to me. You cared a lot for us and was always there for us. You were a gentle man. You always offered me words of advice and you never spared the rod on me because I was stubborn and you wanted me to be great. You were always happy to hear a positive news about me and you always said it to me. We both merried and celebrated every good step of mine in a positive direction and you always encouraged more and more to keep doing better. Because of my stubbornness, you always told me this youruba addage which keeps working for me till today “Tete Jaye ko ma ba jepe, ma tete Jaye ko le ba jepe.”

    Glory be to God you archieved your aim in my life as I am now a man of purpose growing stronger in knowledge and strength with a zeal to even do more. I now believe in gentleness and steadiness. You were a very brave man indeed. You live in me forever. I haven’t really felt you’re gone because I’m yet to cry even though my eyes were so heavy and my heart saddened when I saw your lifeless body in the mortuary. I promise you to be that brave great man you’ve always wanted me be. I miss seeing you, I miss the feeling of coming home to see you. You will forever live in me Chief Gabriel Ogundele my loving caring, gentle granddad. I love you till death and even in death 😢

  8. Oluokun Hillary Oluwafemi


    ‘tani o je’
    This was how you gathered us together when you wanted to give us snacks and we would all reply ’emi’.

    I just finished my last paper and turned on my phone only to see Jessica’s message, “Femi, grandpa don go oooo” I had to call her to confirm and yes she did. Well I was not surprised but I wasn’t expecting it to be this soon. He didn’t even let me return, the last time I saw him was when I was going to school and I went to say goodbye. I didn’t know that would be the last time I’d be seeing him. What more can I say? I love you Grandpa. Sleep well in the bosom of the Lord….

  9. Ogundele Rita Adebisi


    Grandpapa as Akinloye fondly calls will be surely missed. The news of your death came as a rude shock to me because I was with you on Sunday to bid you farewell as I was going to Abeokuta not knowing that will be the last time.

    Baami, I will forever be grateful to God for your life. You were a great man that is worthy of emulation. You were an educationist to the core which shows in all of us. The legacy you left will still be followed by us.

    The most painful part is that you didn’t wait to hand me over to my husband as you promised. I take solace in God.

    Atanda iko, omo okun esin, omo woyira, woyira ko ma ba rerukeru, erukeru abi lala lenu. Omo boroko borodo bode abomimu lamuya e, sun re oooo😭😭😭😭

  10. Adegite Olurotimi Segun


    For whosoever marries a woman is bound to have a father in-law. But as for me, I got married to Pa Gabriel Ajibade Ogundele’s daughter; Regina Folake Adegite, and I what I got in return was a replacement for my late father.
    Pa Gabriel Ajibade Ogundele was a rare personality.
    Gentle, quiet, emotional, straight forward, matured, reasonable, accommodating, lively, liberal… words don’t suffice to describe papa. He was always there, welcomes all situations with that special smile. Adieu BABA DAADA, me and my family will miss you so much.
    Adegite Olurotimi Segun.

  11. Oluokun Adeyinka


    My Grandfather was a unique person. He was a kind-hearted gentleman that I loved dearly. A disciplinarian and of course a fun person to be with. I always looked forward to the holiday periods so as to spend more time with you. Whenever you went out, you’d always come back with goodies to share for us. My Grandpa was also a football lover, he tried his best to watch any Super Eagles’ match. Sometimes, he would even ask me to follow him to the viewing center, because he was already old.
    Grandpa, I will always miss you, but I have so many wonderful memories of you. I’ll always think of you with a smile.
    I love you

  12. Sandra Adedoja Ogundele


    Dear Grandpa,
    You were a great teacher and a unique man that I loved dearly.. I remember you would take new textbooks from your shop to teach me and you would give me class works and assignments and also mark it when I am done…. I would definitely miss those times your everyday fruits especially bananas.. You will forever remain in our hearts and your smiles, your laugh, your love, we take consolation in the good feelings of our memories.In years to come, I may not remember many of the words you spoke, but the memories of the words you conveyed and wonderful things you did will always remain in our hearts .. Rest on Grandpa.. I pray your soul rests in perfect peace.. I love and celebrate you always

  13. Iretiayo Ogundele


    Dear Grandpa,

    Good evening, I don’t know what else to say since our time zones are now different. How are you doing though… You must be enjoying obviously seeing you’ve left this burning world called earth. Grandpa, I miss you, you know? I think of you recently and it seems I got a lot from you. I realize silence was our means of communication. I miss those times, you know; times I will sit outside with you, you with your fan and us listening to the radio watching cars go by and asking you why you enjoy it so much and you will look at me smiling, telling me, “IT’S THE PEACE PEOPLE IGNORE”. That stuck in my mind without my knowing.

    Grandpa, I was pissed when my tribute wasn’t written but it is you, isn’t it? Cause it isn’t true, is it? That isn’t our only connection, is it? I have loads of questions I want to ask, so much questions yet I know when I see you only one answer answers them all. But I can’t get to see you now uhn?. “NEVER RUSH WHAT WILL BE YOURS”, you told me when I wanted my fruits before Precious. “CAUSE IF IT’S IN ABUNDANCE WHY FIGHT FOR SCRAPS, JUST BE PATIENT”. Is that what you did? Follow your own words? You waited? Heaven was yours so why rush it? Your children were in a tight corner, though they had then, there will be a time they will have more. Why not wait till then uhn?

    What did you tell her? Your mum, what did you guys say those times I lay beside you on you bed or lay my head on your chest on your chair? I knew she wanted to talk to you and you saw her in me more than anyone did. So… What did she say? Did she see that it was near? Did she prepare you for it? Leaving I mean. Is that why you had to wait till you saw me before you left? To say goodbye? Grandpa… I’m so sorry for not coming more often, to check on you. But what mother will love to see her son so broken by his own mind which was once the strongest of him? And what daughter would want to see her dad, the tower she looks up to, fall and crumble with time? You knew me nomore neither as a mother nor as a daughter and nothing broke my heart more. I’m sorry it happened the way it did.

    How does heaven look? Do the angels sore as we were told? Do you get to touch the highest clouds? Is the garden as beautiful as we read? Is there that much gold in heaven? Have you gotten your crown yet? Which did you get? Is it gold, diamonds, emerald, silver, bronze? Which of your friends have you seen and which do you miss the most? What crowns are they wearing? How long is your robe? You got white right? Of course you got white, that one is certain… I was always the one with the questions remember? “YOU SEE THE FRUIT YOU EAT, IT BECOMES PART OF YOU. SO, ARE YOU KILLING IT OR USING IT TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL?” The only thing you ever asked me and I still don’t have an answer, I’m sorry, I’m just remembering now even. Grandpa…? How is heaven?…. Is it as nice as you hope? Was it worth the wait? Is our fruit tree in heaven cause the government cut it down while you were sick, is it there, in the garden? Ohkay don’t answer that one it’s stupid… “DON’T BE SHY TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS EVEN IF STUPID, THE RIGHT EARS WILL GIVE YOU A WISE ANSWER THEN YOU CAN ANSWER ANY WISE QUESTION”, I remember you use to say that when I doubt myself. How is your mum? Guess her job is done now. Say hi to her for me. I didn’t see you during the burial. I guess no mother should witness her son being buried though his daughter wants to. Grandpa?… How should I feel, I’m confused… Grandpa? Are you not going to say anything? Silence has always been our language, now…now, we don’t have a choice.

    No tribute for a man who hasn’t died, so for me, I’m writing you this letter, don’t lose it, you’ll be answering my questions when I get there. You saw me, her and you in a body as small as an ant but to you was bigger than the biggest giant. Will I make you proud Grandpa? Will I fail everyone that trusts me? Grandpa why do we die to live or live to die? Grandpa, I have questions, how long do I have to wait? Say something, anything at all please! I miss you

    Yours till eternity,


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