Oladokun Olawale Samuel aka De_Morgan

Oladokun Olawale Samuel alias De_Morgan was born in the city of Lagos to Mr and  Mrs Oladokun. In a family consisting of four male children, De_Morgan happens to be the second having two younger ones and an elder brother.

He is currently a Pharmacist, graphic designer, academic tutor and freelances basically.


Oladokun Olawale Samuel (De_Morgan) grew up in Amjee, Lagos. He had his elementary education in several places: Bells Junior School, Legacy Villa, Grait, The Voice, Dalos College, Grace and Glory… In his words, he explained the reason for his arrangement:

“I was a very bright kid. I had always been very bright and once I topped a class, my parents changed my school. That was the way it went back then… So most times, I changed school after every complete session(3terms)”.

During this transition period however, he represented his secondary schools in academic and sporting competitions; track events to be precise. 


Oladokun Samuel gained admission into Obafemi Awolowo University to study Pharmacy immediately after completing his secondary education.

In his undergraduate years, he managed to:

  1. Obtain several monetary scholarships.
  2. Participate actively in organising tutorials for fellow and non fellow students. 
  3. Play drums at functions 
  4. Master graphic design, a skill with which he now freelances.

De_Morgan is not one to pick interest in leadership positions. “I back out of leadership duties even when management walk up to me because I know I’m not stable; I can change base at any time”.
However, he does his own little quota in giving to humanity by doing tutorials.

Oladokun Olawale Samuel is playing his own little role as a human.

Personal Life

He is still single and shuttles between Ife and Oshogbo. In addition, he is a big music lover and plays the drum set very well.


Oladokun Olawale Samuel

MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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