Mrs. A. O. Ogundele caught unawares dancing to the tune of “the merciful God”, a song sang by the king of Juju; Sunny Ade

After having dedicated thirty-five years of her life, since 1984, to working hard for the Nigeria government in the teaching line, Mrs. OGUNDELE Ayobami Olapeju finally retires in grand style on this day, 3rd October, 2019. The current Nigeria’s retirement criteria as given in the Nigeria Labor Law, states that the retirement age for all academic staffs of universities, colleges of educations and polytechnics below the level of a professor is sixty-five (65) years or thirty-five (35) years of service in the public sector. The retirement age for all non-academic staffs of higher education institutions in Nigeria is also sixty-five (65) years or thirty-five (35) years of service in the public sector. The retirement age for all academic staffs of universities, colleges of educations and polytechnics below the level of a professor sixty-five (65) years or thirty-five (35) years of service in the public sector. The retirement age for all non-academic staffs of higher education institutions in Nigeria is also sixty-five (65) years or thirty-five (35) years of service in the public sector.

Mrs. OGUNDELE A.O, born on 11th January, 1961 was fifty-eight years, seven months and twenty-three days old at her point of retirement. In an era where most people retire due to the age factor rather than years of service, Mrs. Ogundele retires even before sixty.

Despite serving her country, Nigeria, with the most active and productive time of her life, little recognition was accorded to her and the fellow retirees by the government. This, however, was of no surprise; as it is well known by the masses that Nigeria is a country heavily laden by various other devastating challenges not to mention acknowledging some retirees. Nevertheless, the last school where she taught, as well as her family and friends, deemed it fit to give her a proper and befitting send forth from government service.

Below are some content from the program which started beautifully with songs of praise from her sister, Mrs. Taiye Adekanbi, and ended perfectly with her husband, DCP Ogundele J. Ayodeji, giving the vote of thanks:

VERY BRIEF AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MRS AYOBAMI OLAPEJU OGUNDELE (NEE OJENIYI) – Read by daughter and last born of the retiree; Ogundele Jessica Eniola.

Mrs. Ayobami Olapeju Ogundele was born on the 11th of January 1961 to the families of Late Pa Thomas Alamu Kehinde Ojeniyi and late Madam Grace Adedunmola Ojeniyi of Jagun Gudugbu compound Isokun, Oyo.


Primary School Leaving Certificate 1972
Okeho Iganna Grammar School 1979
Grade II Leaving Certificate 1984
Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) 1993
Bachelor of Education in Yoruba 2006


Methodist Primary School III, Akeetan, Oyo 1984 – 1985
L.A. Primary School III, Awumoro, Oyo 1985 – 1992
St. Mary’s Anglican Primary School I, Iyalamu, Oyo 1992 – 1993
L.A. Primary School I, Bola, Oyo 1/2/1993 – 30/6/1993
Methodist Primary School II, Akeetan, Oyo 1993 – 1998
L.A. Town School II, Idi-Ope, Oyo 1999 – 2012
Army Children Basic School, Isokun, Oyo 2012 – 2019

Mrs. AYOBAMI OLAPEJU OGUNDELE is married to DCP JOSHUA AYODEJI OGUNDELE and the marriage is blessed with five children.

Mrs. Ayobami Olapeju Ogundele is a member of First Baptist Church, Oke-Isokun, Oyo, and she works in the treasury department of the church.

Not being idle.


Mrs Ogundele Ayobami Olapeju retires from civil service at 58 years old

“Distinguished Chairman and Chairwoman, the special guest of honor, distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

I thank you Lord, Jehovah Almighty! For being alive and filling my heart with joy and happiness. So, I’ll forever give thanks unto the Lord for the great things he has done. I thank God for making this retirement program a possibility. I appreciate the almighty father for granting all of you who have traveled far and near journey mercies. I stand to say that words are rather inadequate to express my surprise and appreciation. May the heavenly father be with you all. Whatever has a beginning must definitely have an end. The thirty-five years’ journey which began on 1st of October 1984 has definitely come to an end today, 30th September 2019 to be precise.
The lord is good all the time. It is a bitter truth that it is not everybody that begins a race, a journey or a project that completes it.

For the privilege given to me by God, I would like everyone present at this occasion to rise and praise God with me by singing this song:
Come and join me sing Hallelujah and Ọ̀nà ọpé mi pọ̀ mi ò le sán tán.

I seize this opportunity to express my gratitude, to appreciate the presence of all my fathers in the Lord, families, friends and well-wishers who have squeezed out time from their tight schedule to grace this modest occasion. I consider it as a demonstration of love not only for me but also for my family.
It would be quite ungrateful to fail to appreciate my competent husband, Ogundele Joshua Ayodeji, and my glorious children so I thank God for the life of my loving and caring husband through whom I’ve become what I am today. My prayer is that God will endow us with long life, abundant blessing and sound health to reap the fruits of our labor.

My children, as your mother, I want to appeal to you to uphold the below ideals that make for mutual agreement and harmony:
Love one another; 1 John 4 vs 7
Relate with one another Philippians 2 vs 3 – 14
Respect one another; 1 Thessalonians 5 vs 11 – 15
Rally round one another; Mark 3 vs 25
Bear with one another; Colossians 3 vs 13
Help one another in all aspect.
You will all excel and you’re covered with the blood of Jesus. I say, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. You are all appreciated and will never lack.

Conclusively, I hereby commit everyone here present in the care of the Almighty God and I wish you journey mercies back to your various destinations in Jesus name.
Thank you and, God Bless!

Mrs Ogundele and Husband, DCP Ayodeji J. Ogundele at her retirement ceremony

Several people were present to felicitate with her on this joyful occasion. Here are some transcripts from the felicitation segment:

  1. Husband’s Felicitation (Read by husband)
Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Ogundele J. Ayodeji

On behalf of my nuclear family, I, DCP Ogundele J. Ayodeji, hereby wish you, my good and alluring wife; Mrs. Ogundele Olapeju Ayobami, a good luck and all the best for the rest of your life as you bow out after spending meritorious thirty-five years teaching what you know best.
I have no doubt on my mind to say that you are an achiever, open-minded, generous, knowledgeable, modest, courageous, responsible and highly respected assistant headmistress of the prestigious Army Children Primary School, Oyo State.
Indeed, your students are proud of your many achievements and you have inspired them to always dream big. Thank you for teaching your subject with a passion. Your own teaching skills are prestigious and extra ordinary. You have worked tirelessly and now it’s time for you to enjoy all that you’ve labored for all over the years. As you join the seniors of this great country in retirement, I pray for your good health in progress and riches and may you find life after retirement a happy moment with a lot of happy memories.

Children’s Felicitation (Read by Retiree’s first child; Ogundele Collins Ayodeji Jr.):

Ogundele Collins Ayodeji a.k.a Bones

Mummy’s teaching career began informally; with us, and growing up, it was really hard to like her because mummy is very stern, strong handed and quite adamant whenever she’s trying to instill a discipline. In spite of this, she knows how to eventually make you realize that all she’s doing is simply for your own good, hence, it’s difficult to escape loving her deeply. We therefore felicitate with the government for having this good woman give thirty-five years of her golden years to its service. It’s a surety that during these years, many lives; pupils, students, colleagues, co-workers and even parents, must have been touched positively through her. As you now retire officially from this formal teaching service, it is time to reap a bountiful harvest from your years of service, and so shall it be. We also pray that the strength and vigor you’d need to continue with the informal impacts shall be yours in Jesus name, Amen. Happy Retirement ma! We love you.

Siblings Felicitation (Read by Retiree’s youngest sister; Mrs. Ojelabi Bolatito):

Mrs Ojelabi Abolatito

All glory to God Almighty as our sister retires from active service. We congratulate you for the job well done. We pray that your retirement is not unto death, but you retire to greater strength. ‘Gbogbo ise ti e fi aaro ojo yin se, esu koni fi owo ibaje kan loruko Jesu’. Your eyes will not be for tears of sorrow, your health will not fail you. You will live long to reap and eat the fruit of your labor. We celebrate and love you ma!

Mrs A.O. Ogundele’s retirement program in pictures

Watch Mrs. A.O Ogundele’s retirement program here

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MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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