I have a girlfriend. Her name is ‘never mind’ but without her, this post might never have been born.
To put it simply, she helped fertilize it.
How? Okay…
Towards the end of the year 2019, we had a phone conversation where we simply tasked ourselves to list the goals we would like to have achieved at the end of the coming year 2020. This I never thought was going to be a problem, because to me, I had all sort of things in my head that I’d like to achieve; save more, write more, study better, travel more and all sorts. So I felt, “oh my God, this is gonna be pretty long list”.
However, the day I grabbed my pen, 1st January 2020, to put down my 2020 goals and submit the list to this my girlfriend (because we agreed to both have copies of our respective goals; for other reasons by the way), I hung. I literally wrote just the heading. They all started to appear really superficial to me, and unrelated too. So, I gave up, hoping she never asked about it. Sadly, at the time, she did. She asked so innocently and romantically that I felt really ashamed to simply say “Look babe I have nothing”. I stayed mute for a while, took a long sigh and then explained my hinderances. Afterwards, she stroked my hairless chest and whispered in the softest voice my ears ever heard, “why not think of something fundamental”.

Till today, I still wonder why I hadn’t thought of that before she mentioned it. Anyway, that’s how mission 2020 began.

Mission 2020

One thing fundamental in getting a desired result from any endeavor is attitude and character. Fortunately, I stumbled upon an article on the internet with the headings “Little things doing great things” only to open and find that the little things were ants and the great things they do referred to the huge colonies they build. This spurred me to learn more about these tiny animals and to my amazement, I ended up wanting to be just like them; I mean, in attitude and character.

In the following paragraphs, I’m going to take you through the seven most crucial things I learnt from ants’ colony and how these has become my mission for 2020:

1. The ant is organized

Ants demonstrating organisation
A show of organisation by a group of ants

In an ant colony, there is no disarray; everything is in order. Every ant knows its place and no one is told what to do, they just do it.
Lesson: Learn to know your place and keep everything that pertains to you in order.

2. The ant is not confused

ant hatches from egg to adult
the ant is born knowing

The minute an ant is hatched, from its genetic makeup, it automatically knows the class of their society it belongs (caste); whether the worker, soldier, feeder, or queen mater, it knows, and without instructions from anywhere, it goes straight to its place and joins the others in dispensing their duties.
Lesson: know what you ought to do. Don’t be confused about what you want or where you’re going. Don’t start anything until you’ve figured this out with full certainty. After this, shoot and don’t stop shooting!

3. The ant is strong

An ant can carry a weight more than three hundred and fifty times its own body weight as revealed by a scientific research. And as if this isn’t enough, with this amount of weight on its head, it travels long distances back to its home only to drop off the weight (food or building materials), and takes off to bring more of such.
Lesson: never underestimate the capacity of two things; your brain, and most importantly, yourself.

4. The ant is focused

Ant maintains focus on goal
Ants going around an obstacle in pursuit of their goal.
A. Ants in a pheromone trail between nest and food. B. An obstacle interrupts the trail. C. Ants find two paths to go around the obstacle. D. A new pheromone trail is formed along the shorter path.

This is one of the most interesting things about ants. It’s a thing I’m sure a lot of us must have witnessed. No matter what you put in the way of an ant, all it simply does is to move around it and continues its journey. It doesn’t get distracted by the unforeseen challenge you have put in its way. Rather, it stops for a second and then try to figure a way back to its track. All the ant has on its mind is its work and goal.
Lesson: distractions will come but, move around it and keep your mind on your work and goal. Stay undaunted, like the ant.

5. The ant is smart

ants walk and work in numbers
Ant gathering when its plenty

They know when to work and when not to, when to go out and when not to, when to stock up food for when there’ll be not. They know times and seasons; they save up for the rainy days.
Lesson: be smart!

6. The ant is disciplined

ants moving in an orderly fashion
ants moving in a straight file

Ants don’t wake up one day and say “today I’m too tired to do my work” or “I’m tired of defending the colony, what I want to do now is fend for food”. NO! They don’t do that. What they do is stick to their daily routines irrespective of how they feel. Though there are times when tasks shift or change, these times are contingent, they resume their automatic roles afterwards.
Lesson: No excuse for indiscipline; WORK!

7. The ant never works or walk alone

ants walk and work in numbers
ants walking and working in numbers

This is as evident as it can get. You would never see an ant alone in someplace, or a single ant going to get food for the colony. They believe in walking and working together with others of their kind.
Lesson: never work and walk alone; identify people of your kind and then build a network from there on.

Conclusively, the Biblically acclaimed wisest man to have ever lived, King Solomon, is known to have written a few words in one of his scrolls concerning ants. He said:

Go to the ant you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise”.

Apparently, the ant’s wisdom has been around for years and has never failed. There’s no such thing more assuring than learning what works, and never fails! Mission 2020; be like the ant!

MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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