Lee Min-Ho

Born June 22, 1987, the popular South Korean superstar, Lee Min Ho, today, has every reason to be grateful for life.

His first career choice was to become a professional footballer but early on in his life, he had a terrible injury that put an end to this aspiration. He then switched to acting.

His acting debut came in 2003. He wanted his birth name as his stage name but the agencies had issues with it saying the name was too ordinary. Therefore he went about with just Lee Min.
Later on, after facing difficulty with being found on Google, he went back to using his Lee Min-Ho.

Then in 2006, he fought a battle to stay alive.
Lee’s acting career was put on hold for a year following a serious car accident, while riding with fellow actor Jung Il-woo and two other friends. The two friends died on spot while Lee & Jung survived the accident but were in critical state.
Lee was in a coma for a month, after which he spent several months bedridden. His injuries included broken ribs, thigh and ankle, along with a tear in his knee cartilage. As part of his treatment, a 46-centimeter metal pin was inserted in his thigh, leaving one of his legs shorter than the other.

Upon recovery, Lee kept on pushing to achieve his dream. Then in 2007, he received his first leading role in a high school TV drama titled Mackerel Run. But he wouldn’t breakthrough big until 2009.

Gu Jun-pyo was looking for an actor to cast for the leading role in KBS’ Boys Over Flowers. Competition for the leading role was very intense and Lee only got to know he was cast from the newspapers.

In the end, he got the opportunity and the series attracted high viewership ratings and buzz throughout South Korea during its broadcast. Lee’s newly found popularity gained him many endorsement deals and created another Korean Wave throughout Asia which made Lee a Hallyu star.
From then on, Lee’s star has been shinning on. And as of today, according to Hollywood magazine, Lee has attained a superstar status.

Every 22nd of June is your day, celebrate life.

MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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