Lawal Mumeen LM7
Lawal Mumeen LM7

Lawal Mumeen Abayomi is a physiotherapist, business man, and a vicious go-getter. He goes by many other names such as Lawal7, Lawee, LM7… Apparently, his celebrity idol is CR7.


Lawal Mumeen Abayomi was born in the city of Ibadan to Alhaji & Mrs Lawal on the 8th of May. His dad had plenty wives and so he grew up in a polygamous home. 

He attended Rock Foundation Nursery and Primary School, Moslem, Ibadan. He later proceeded to Moslem Grammar School, Odinjo, Ibadan.
He was said to take first position all through his primary school education.


Lawal Mumeen Abayomi struggled to gain admission into the University. This cost him a couple of years until he finally got admitted to study Medical Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy) in OAUIFE.

As an undergraduate, he participated in:

  1. Sport: was part of the team that won Provost’s cup three times in a row and also the Health Sciences @40 cup competition. 
  2. Politics: IFUTSA AGS, 2011/2012; PRO, 2012/2013;
    NAPS PRO, 2013/2014; Treasurer, 2014/2015.
  3. Honorable Justice of the Judicial council of students’ union 2015/16 parliamentary session. 

He attended five NAPS Conventions: 2012/2013(OAU), 2013/2014(UI, Ibadan), sole attendee for 2014/2015 (Nnewi, Anambra state), 2015/2016 (kano state) and 2016/2017(UI, Ibadan).

He’s currently into professional practice and business too: sale of cars, physio equipment, phones & laptops.

Personal Life

Lawal is still single and currently resides in the city of Ibadan.


Lawal Mumeen Abayomi

MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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