Grace Adedunmola Awele Ojeniyi popularly known as ‘Iya Oje’ or ‘Mama Peju’ was born into the family of Late Pa Ajibade and Mama Kikelomo Adeniyi of Agbalowoasa’s compound, Oyo, on 12th August, 1940.

Her parents bore three children and she was the second. Her father, Late Pa Ajibade, was a farmer and the first born of his own parents. His younger brothers, Mama Grace’s uncles, were Pa Joseph Adekanmbi and Gabriel Mosunmade Ojeniyi. These three brothers were well known around the neighborhood particularly because of their kind of profession; farmer, bricklayer and carpenter, respectively.

Owing to her well to do family background, Madam Grace Adedunmola had the opportunity to go to school at a time when it was rare for female children to be sent to School.
She started her schooling with Baptist Day School, Isokun Oyo then continued at Idi-Aba Baptist Modern School, Idi-Aba Abeokuta.

She later moved to Ogbomoso where she lived with Dr. Myres of the Baptist Hospital Ogbomoso where she was trained as an auxiliary nurse. This was around the time she met her heart robber, Pa Taiwo Alamu Kehinde Ojeniyi, they married and their marriage was blessed with children; male and female.

Mama Peju worked zealously at different departments of the Baptist Hospital Ogbomoso some of which include: female ward, children’s ward and pharmacy department. She used her experience to help everyone she came across and because of her good inter-personal relationship, many people from Oyo preferred to go that hospital for treatment. The door to her house was always opened for people to reside when they had to stay for more than one day for treatment.

After she retired from Baptist Hospital Ogbomoso, she worked at Grace Maternity Center, Abepe-Ogbomoso.
She later left the place for trading.
In the tail end of her life, she relocated to Oyo where she lived with children till the very end.

She died peacefully on Saturday, 15th July, 2017, while having breakfast in her daughter, Olapeju’s house.


Omo Agbalowoasa bogun
Omo agberan lowo ojo muje
Omo o-gugu ni-go-ngo
Omo a bere bi a fowe
Omo o tu pepeye pe
Omo o ta lekun yewere
Omo a gbolo malo
Omo agba keke owu moran
Omo apajuba ma debe mo
Igba loko mope ro nile Oba
Awele, taba’n dagba oun-nu nko reere
Omo agbo seese ifa yale
Omo Alade mo ni segi
Omo lade lade lade
Alaafin o lade
Ade Aladikun lagba f’alaafin
Ti fi n soba
Dedunmola Awele, Omo Agbalowoasa bogun
Maa sun laya Olugbala.

Click here to watch burial ceremony video

MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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