Dr. Jacob Adebayo Ogundele
Dr. Jacob Adebayo Ogundele

Dr. Jacob Adebayo Ogundele, preferably referred to by many as Dr. ‘Bayo Ogundele was born on 1st October, 1940 into Baasi household, Iseke-Oyo. His father was late Chief Situ Barber Ogundele, the 10th Baasi of Iseke-Oyo, and was once a councilor who ably represented ward four, Iseke quarters, in Oyo West Local Council.

Dr. ‘Bayo Ogundele came from a very humble background to become all he was in life especially his academic accolades in which he rarely had anyone within the family who he could have as a guide.


He started his primary education at N.A. Town School Idi-Ope (School Oloniini) in 1945. Later on, he moved to N.A. Durbar School Oyo and in 1954, he completed his primary education.

Between January 1957 – December 1958, he attended Baptist Teacher’s Training College, Benin city where he obtained the Teacher’s Grade III Certificate.

Afterwards, in1957, he was appointed as a teacher in Maami Baptist Day School where he served for a year; till 1960. Between 1960 – 1961, he attended Baptist College Iwo, where he obtained his Grade II Teaching Certificate.

Shortly after, in 1965, he secured admission into the University of Lagos College of Education where he studied for three years. Hence, in 1968, he got an NCE certificate.

In 1973, he graduated with B.A. Honours in English/Education.

In 1975, attended Atlanta University, Atlanta Georgia, USA, where he earned M. A and D.Ed degrees in Education Administration and supervision.

In 1978, journeyed back to Nigeria and was appointed as an assistant lecturer at the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, Department of Educational Administration and Planning.

By 1997, he had become a senior lecturer.

Amongst many of his publications as an academia, two particularly stand out and are worthy if categorical mention. These are:

“The Role of Educational Administration in Africa” and “Prudential Management of Financial, Human and Material Resources in Higher Education”.

In recognition of his managerial prowess, Dr. ‘Bayo Ogundele served as the General Manager of Obafemi Awolowo University’s prestigious Conference Centre and Guest for six years; 1982 – 1988. And as the manager, he made landmark contributions to the growth of the club.


He was:
I.            Chairman, Oyo State Rural Electrification Board, 2012 – 2014
II.            Member, Transition Committee set up his Excellency, Governor Abiola Ajimobi; May 2011.
III.            Member, Committee on Strategy for ACN campaign.
IV.            Member, visitation panel set up by his Excellency, Governor Ajimobi for the Polytechnic, Ibadan; November 2011
V.            Member, Oyo Central Constituency in the Constituent Assembly, 1988
VI.            President, Oho Alaafin Improvement Association
VII.            Adviser, Oyo Alaafin Students Union Association


  I.            Community Enlightenment program in Oyo West Local Government, Oyo State.
II.            Member of the Implementing Committee of Atiba University, Oyo State.
III.            Member, Comrades in Christ, First Baptist Church, Oyo.
IV.            Member, Elders Forum for Oyo West, Oyo East, Atiba and Afijio Local Government, Oyo State.


The invitation card for the commendation service of the late Doctor in his hometown, Oyo.

The late Doctor died while on visit to Atlanta, America with the intention to celebrate his wife’s 70th birthday with her. His wife has been denied the opportunity to fly based on health issues, therefore, he decided to go instead. Following the event, he fell sick; a sickness which was initially believed to be mild, until days passed and his health further detiorated until Saturday, 10th February, when he finally gave up the ghost.

He is survived by:

Wife: Stella Abiodun Ogundele

Children: Olubunmi, Ayotunde Ogundele, Temitope and Adedapo Ogundele


Siblings: Gabriel Ajibade Ogundele (elder),

Photo Memories of Dr. Jacob Adebayo Ogundele

MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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  1. Alex Ogundele


    May God forgive your shortcomings and grant you mercy and peace. You were indeed a good man to me and I will always remember you.


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