A painting of Deacon Moses Ayoola Awolola presented to him by his daughter, Olarinre.

Birth: March 12, 1922.
Siblings: Six.
Spouse: Miss Ruth Aderonke Mogbonjubola Amori (Marriage – March 29, 1952)
Children: Five
Occupation: Educationist (Active 1943 – 1980)
Religion: Christianity
Deacon Moses Ayoola Awolola was born on March 12, 1922, in Ogbomosho, Oyo State. He was born to the family of Pa Joseph Awolola Ishola in Abese’s house, Oke-Ose nla compound, Akeetan Oyo. His mother, Madam Alice Oyeninhun Anike Awolola was born in Baale’s house, also in Akeetan, Oyo. Madam Alice was the daughter of Baale Oloyede Atanda and his wife; Oke Abeje, was from Alaase’s house, Osibi compound, Oyo town. His father, pa Joseph Awolola, was contemporary with Rev. Joseph Adeyemo Taiwo (born 1894), and was born to Pa. Ige and Madam Akee Adesiyan in Osi Isokun house, Oyo town, Oyo State.


Dn. Moses Ayoola Awolola started schooling at the age of ten in 1932. During this time in the history of Nigeria, given that there was no birth record, children were admitted to schools when their arm could go over their head to touch the ear on the other side. In Deacon Awolola’s case, his hands could already touch his ear long before he started schooling, despite his fervent desire to study. His schooling, according to him, was stalled for lack of funding.

Eventually, at the age of ten, he was enrolled into Methodist School, Apara, Oyo, and his schooling began. However, a year later, his stopped going to school when his parents couldn’t afford for him to continue. For the next three years; 1933-1935, Pa Moses Ayoola Awolola was home assisting his parents in their activities until January, 1936, when his uncle, Pa. Jacob Awodele, decided to sponsor his schooling. He thereby enrolled Dn. Moses Awolola to Baptist Day Scool, Isokun Oyo. The deacon was tested was let to join Class II.

In 1940, after completing standard four; the highest class in the Baptist Day School, Oyo at the time, he proceeded to N. A. Durbar School where he studied standard five and six. Hence, in December 1942, Deacon Awolola completed his Primary School Education.

In 1945, he attended Baptist College, at Iwo, for Teachers Grade II Course, which he completed successfully in December 1956.


When it was time to get a wife, being a religious and spiritual man, Deacon Awolola consulted God for guidance and, in 1947, the Lord opened his eyes to see a beautiful girl among the church choristers who was smart, neat, and respectful. He then began to write her letters to which he got no reply.

Later, he went to see her at their house. She was busy working but the deacon was warmly welcomed by the young lady’s mother who was interested in knowing the reason for his visit. “I have come to see your daughter”, the deacon said. But the daughter still paid him no attention.

After several visits, with the assistance of the young lady’s mother and other relatives, she finally agreed to marry the deacon. This young lady’s name was Aderonke Mogbonjubola Ruth Amori and they finally got married to one another on 29th May, 1952.

His wife was born to the family of Pastor John Adesokan Amori of Ogbogbolomo’s house Apara, Oyo and Princess Sarah Adedoja Amori forom Ka Omo Oba’s house Oyo.

Work Experience

Pa Moses Ayoola Awolola worked as a teacher and a farmer all his life. He owned various plots of lands which he used in farming. His teaching career, on the other hand, began on January 1, 1943, at Isa Baptist school, Okeho.

In January 1, 1944, he became headmaster at Baptist School, Ota, where he served till 31st December 1944. From 1st January, 1948, to December 31, 1954, he taught at Baptist Day School, Isokun Oyo. From 1st January, 1957, to December 31, 1959, he worked at Elam Memorial Girls’ School Saki as the Headmaster. From 5th January, 1960, to December 31, 1962, he worked at Beulah Baptist School, Ejigbo as Headmaster. From 1st January, 1963, to December 31, 1972, he worked at Baptist Day School, Isokun Oyo as Headmaster. From 1st January, 1973, to August 31, 1974, he worked at L. A. School Awumoro, Oyo as Headmaster. From 1st September, 1974, to October 31, 1975, he worked at L.A. School, Bola – Oyo, as Headmaster. From 1st November, 1975, to Feburary 28, 1977, he worked at St. Mary Catholic School Asogo – Oyo, as Headmaster. From 1st March, 1977, to August 31, 1977, he worked at N.U.D School, Oluwole – Iseyin, as Headmaster. From 1st September, 1977, to December 31, 1980, he worked at Baptist Day School I, Isokun – Oyo, as Headmaster.

It was this time that deacon Moses Ayoola Awolola retired voluntarily from teaching service.

Religious Activities

Deacon Awolola is a follower of Christ. He was exposed to Christianity from a very young age by his Christian parents who led him to Sunbeam at First Baptist Church, Isokun, Oyo. At Sunbeam, they were taught how to pray, sing choruses and learn Bible memory verses. They were taught to help their parents and themselves as well. In 1937, while he was in standard one, he joined the church choir. Every Sunday the choir would render a song for morning service. He particularly enjoyed the Sunday School and BYPU that comes before the evening service.

In December 1940, got baptized by Pa. Rev. J. Ade Taiwo.
In 1943, he became the church lay reader in Isea Baptist Church, Okeho.
In 1944, became a Sunday school teacher and the lay reader at Out Baptist Church.
In 1949 – 1954, he served as the Secretary of the First Baptist, Isokun, Oyo. And from 1965 to 1970, he served as the secretary of the church.

14th December, 1969, he got ordained as deacon of First Baptist Church Isokun, Oyo.

From 1978 to 1981, he served as the treasurer of the church and while in service, all financial records were well kept intact.

In 1987 – 1988, he served as the church leader of First Baptist Church, Isokun Oyo. During this period, the Church bought its first bus for evangelism and a big generating plant. The Church also celebrated its 130th anniversary during this time; an event graced by the then president of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Revr. & Mrs. D.I. Karo, along with a host of others.

Later on, he served as the chairman of Deacons and pastors meeting for many years. He is still a member of the Adult’s Choir of First Baptist Church Isokun Oyo as well as member of Comrade Society of First Baptist Church, Isokun, Oyo.

Social Activities

1.         Member of Oyo Football Association 1948 – 1949
2.         Member of Egbe Omo Oyo while in Saki 1957 – 1959.
3.         Secretary of the Board of Governors for Ladigbolu Grammar School, Oyo
4.         Member of Ola Society Oyo
5.         Treasurer of Oyo West Local Government Christian Association of Nigeria for five years.
6.         Life member of Bible Society of Nigeria
7.         Member of O.D.L.C. while at Baptist College, Iwo.
8.         Member of Baptist College of old boys.
9.         Member of comrade society of First Baptist Church Oyo

In June, 2020, in a documentary about the Deacon’s life story, when asked what his greatest desire in life was, he said, “I pray the Lord continues to use me for the expansion of his gospel. That he makes the rest of life holy, peaceful and enjoyable for me.

Family Members of Deacon Moses Ayoola Aywolola

1.  DN. M.A. Awolola – March 12, 1922
2.  Mrs. R.A. Awolola – Sept. 18, 1931 (Wife)
3.  Mr. Tunde Awolola – Nov. 9, 1952 (Son)
4.  Mrs. Funmi Awolola – Jan. 1. 1961 (Daughter-in-law)
5. Mr.  Oladipupo Awolola – Jan. 1, 1981 (Grandson)
6.  Miss. Olalonpe Awolola – Mar. 8, 1985 (Grand-daughter)
7.  Miss. Oladepe Awolola – Sept. 14, 1986 (Grand-daughter)
8.  Mr. Olaposi Awolola May. 26, 1988 (Grandson)
9.  Miss. Olasubomi Awolola – Sept14, 1997 (Grand-daughter)
10.  Mr Oladoja Awolola – Feb 3, 2000 (Grandson)
11. DN Z. A. Awoyemi – March 27, 1951 (Son-in-law))
12.  Mrs F. O. Awoyemi – March 14, 1955 (Daughter)
13.  Miss Ademilola Awoyemi – June 2, 1983 (Grand-daughter)
14.  Miss Adedunmola Awoyemi – Oct 7, 1984 (Grand-daughter)
15.  Mr. Ademakinwa Awoyemi – July 21, 1986 (Grandson)
16.  Miss Adedolapo Awoyemi – Nov 22, 1988 (Grand-daughter)
17.  Dr. Kolawole Awolola – May 30, 1958 (Son)
18.  Mrs Folake Awolola – June 12, 1961 (Daughter-in-law)
19, Miss Olaoti Awolola – Sept 14, 1985 (Grand-daughter)
20.  Mr Olamide Awolola – June 21, 1987 (Grandson)
21.  Miss Olapemi Awolola – Feb 3, 1991 (Grand-daughter)
22.  Mr Oyebamiji Ojo – Oct 13, 1958 (Son-in-law)
23.  Mrs Olabisi Ojo – July 9, 1960 (Daughter)
24.  Mr Nosakhare – March 13, 1971 (Grandson-in-law)
25.  Mrs Ololade Nosa – Feb 14, 1977 (Granddaughter)
26.  Ogitosu Titi – Jan 6, 2005 (Great granddaughter)
27.  Osasuwa Nosa – March 28, 2007 (Great grandson)
28.  Osaro Bukunmi – Feb. 9, 2009 (Great grandson)
29.  Mojirola Nosa – Feb 11, 2010 (Great granddaughter)
30. Mr C. Kalejaye Ajayi – Feb 1, 1950 (Son-in-law)
31. Mrs Olarinre Ajayi – June 13, 1965 (Daughter)
32. Miss Adetomiwa Ajayi – Oct. 30, 2001 (Daughter-in-law)
33. Oladipupo
34.  Miss Olatide Kehinde
        Titilola Kehinde
35.  Oluwabukunmi – May 17, 2014
        Mogbonjubola Kehinde – May 17, 2014.
36.  Kayode Ogundare – July 23, 1981

Click to watch Deacon Awolola’s Life Documentary.

MISTIRAL; be remembered.

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